Life Sanitizer…

Best invention of the 21st century is sanitizer…

I have the ability to protect myself from the endless things that threaten my life. With the squeeze of a tiny bottle I can wipe away potential hazards, sticky messes, and anything that might harm or stress my tender immune system. One quick swipe and like magic it’s gone! I fear not because I have meticulously removed every microscopic germ from every crevasse of my life. And if one should bravely enter my space on this planet, watch out, because I am on alert 24-7 and my aim is sure. Those invasive germs don’t stand a chance against me.

I live my days in a sterile environment. I breath as deeply as I can and relax trusting I am safe here in my white sparkling world.

Some of my favourite sanitizers are power, illusion, withdrawal, ignorance, busyness, self-righteousness, and privilege. I just clean house by pressing delete on the computer, with a condescending remark, by forgetting a birthday, I push and if that doesn’t work I trample, I change the subject, I hand out pink slips, I leave, I draw arbitrary lines in the sand, I hear only my truth, I huff and I puff till all forms of life retreat and leave me alone.

My breathing grows laboured… shallower and shallower with each passing day. It seems I may have miscalculated the cost of protecting myself. I am loosing more then I even knew I had. Who would have guessed that those pesky little germs have a purpose. That the very things I eliminated out of my life were actually guiding me toward fullness of life. Each one perfectly tailored specifically to what I needed most in order to thrive and grow. Slowly my life grew smaller and smaller. There was nothing to challenge me, nothing to learn, no one to lean on, and no one to love… it all vanished like sanitizer vapours.

There really should be a warning on the label… CAUTION… this sanitizer kills all life that it comes in contact with. Germs are the building blocks to a healthy immune system and by killing them you will weaken your immune system and eventually die.

hhhmmm…. I wonder if there is anyway I can get a refund????


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