Surrendering to my Humanity

My path has brought me to the place of cherishing my humanity…. I long to embrace the fullness of what it means to be human…

I no longer have to divide humanity and divinity into two opposing categories… for they are actually one. Jesus showed us that most clearly. Yet I will speak from a place of saying my journey is to surrender to my humanity… to this moment… to this activity… to this dilemma… to this conversation… to this obstacle… to this sunrise… to this game… to this mountain… to this laughter… to this anxiety… to this fear…. to this pleasure… to this longing… to this need… even to my ego… surrendering completely and joyfully to the place where my heart is… where my feet are in this exact moment is sacred and holy. I do not need to search for God… I just need to surrender to the human experience becoming aware of what lies underneath every moment of my day… Here in this awareness is new life… here is the anguish and suffering of rebirth… here is the beauty and glory of being broken open by the mystery of life itself.


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