My Search For The Intangible

Waking up on my final day of holidays I find myself online creating this blog because I have a deep seeded desire to search for that which is intangible.  My longing for the unknown, the undefinable has invited me on a spiritual journey.

Holidays are a particularly fruitful time for me in regards to pondering and wondering about life.  It’s a time when I feel a surge of creativity and it is as if I hear the world speaking to me from every corner. I do not want that to end and so one way of nurturing this is to find a space to share what I learn as I listen and look below the surface.

Much of my life has been gobbled up by my desire for stability and security. I spend my days seeking things that I ultimately try to possess and control. I long to have a great family, a secure income, friends, an education, to be healthy and fit, there’s vacations, activities, a car and a home. I do not think this makes me bad or unusual. I just think it does not achieve that which I desire most in life; freedom, joy and belonging. It seems to me that it is actually the intangible things in life that bring joy and belonging; like love and faith. Things that by their very nature dissolve when we try to grasp them. They are illusive, unseen, and yet undeniably real.

Ironically the search for the intangible beacons me into real life: into the tangible. Here hidden within the tangible is the great illusive thing that I am looking for. Inside real life is the opportunity to experienced intangibles like love, God, and peace. Still nothing is really as it seems; our own eyes can betray us. Expect the unexpected. Hold everything gently. Today is the gift of opportunity! When we hold the space of unknowing… we awaken the eyes of the heart to listen. That is what this blog is about. It is my personal journey into the mind, body, spirit awareness that words fail. I know… another paradox! Still I believe this is the path of wisdom. This life… living… it is my search for the intangible!


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